I'm a 24 year old artist living in South London currently undertaking scenic art training. (Theatre set making&painting fyi) This blog is kind of motivation for me to stay healthy. And of course I get a weird pleasure out of photographing my food that could only be satisfied, v anonymously on tumblr...


Everyday without fail at this time I get humongous sugar cravings…. Today it’s cake…. All I can think about are those mr Kipling little individually wrapped angel slices… 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

I’ve been bad, I know

With updating this blog lately…. Last week I was ridiculously busy&tired and didn’t make it to the gym 😓

I did make it this morning though!! Oh also I have to say, my friend commented on how toned my arms are looking, the other day!!! 💪

20min cross trainer

All 3x15
Leg curl 20, 25, 25kg
Leg extension 20, 15, 15kg
Abductor outer 35kg
Abductor inner 30kg
Leg press 60, 70, 60kg

3x15 leg raises on the chair thing

It’s 8pm and I’m still at uni, and I’m gonna remain here till 10. Got a pot of butternut squash soup and a can of gin and tonic, and I’m gonna break the back of this painting of a chair. YES


I love seeing these cute little info spreads, especially when the information they present is true and factual! Eat naturally, and colourfully and you’ll improve your body and your brain :)

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Exercise log 05/06

I went for a swim at lunchtime!!! I had one hour and I managed to run to the gym, was in the pool by 1.15, did 40 laps, was out at 1.40 and back at uni by 2!!!! 🏇 never pushed myself that much before. I was so out of breath by the end. Probs how I should be doing it every time ha. Might make it a habit to go at lunchtimes, esp if it’s a sunny day. Nothing lovelier than swimming in an outdoor pool in the sun when your not on holiday

40 laps of 25m pool = 1km in 25 mins, alternating breaststroke and front crawl

Exercise log 04/06 

I forgot to write this up yesterday!!
Had a great early morning session

15 mins wave machine

Chest press 3x15 15kg
Vertical traction 3x15 25kgs, 30kg, 25kg
Upper back 3x15 15kg
Pulldown 3x15 25kg
Arm extension 3x15 15kg
Shoulder press 3x10 10kg (so weak on this one!! Probs because it’s always my last one to do…

Chair thing that does abs - 3x15 leg raises

2x25 reps of weighted lunges
2x25 reps of squats
Would have done a 3rd set but I ran out of time!

The worst thing about gorging on a bag of pistachios is the guilty looking enormous pile of shells that are left of evidence…

This vodka tastes like “I’ll be texting you later”.

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I’m in a really slutty mood this evening. I cant wait for my boyfriend to find out…! Also going out without a bra because the back of my top is completely sheer… Why the fuck not?

Exercise log 30/05/14

Feels so good to have got this out the way so early!!! I’m going out tonight so I couldn’t have gone to the gym after uni as usual. So proud of myself for this motivation :)

Elliptical 20mins

Leg curl 1x15 15kg 2x15 20kg
Leg extension 3x15 15kg
Abductor outer 3x15 35kg
Abductor inner 3x15 30kg
Leg press 3x15 60kg
Abdominal crunch 3x15 15kg

Captains chair bent leg raise 2x10
Straight leg 1x10