I'm a 24 year old artist living in South London currently undertaking scenic art training. (Theatre set making&painting fyi) This blog is kind of motivation for me to stay healthy. And of course I get a weird pleasure out of photographing my food that could only be satisfied, v anonymously on tumblr...

Hiding under the fruit are little bits of broken Easter egg! 🐰 mm I love chocolatey porridge

April photo challenge - ‘shoes’

Out with the old and in with the new!! I swear never to paint in my new lovely pristine converse, or else they may end up like these guys on the right :(

Day 21 - reflection

Loving my new shoes and new boyfriend jeans and how baggy they are around my poor post Easter bloated tummy!!

Simple dinner for me after a weekend of eating way too much chocolate and crap

My grandparent’s garden 🌷

April photo challenge day 21 - someone you love

My boyfriend! Together since sep 2008 and still going strong!

Reblog if you’re one of the few people who actually like broccoli.

(via freerangepaleo)

Easter egg hunt spoils! Something my mum insists on doing every year even though our ages are 24 - 21 - 16 ❤️

April photo challenge - ‘sweet’

A Big bag of something sweet to help us through the 2 hour journey to my grandparents house

I’ve made oat pancakes for breakfast today. 1 large egg, half a cup of oats, almond milk, chia, sunflower and flax seeds, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Topped with peanut and almond butter. So good!

This was amazing. All ingredients were bought from Borough Market. Expensive… But so good!!

Too early for bare legs, but not for raspberries!

April Photo challenge- something you bought

One of these amazing tomatoes today from Borough market. Also got a freshly baked spelt baguette, a ball of buffalo mozzarella and a selection of cured Italian meats. Going to be eating an incredible sandwich later on…!

I can’t believe someone made this