I'm a 24 year old artist living in South London currently undertaking scenic art training. (Theatre set making&painting fyi) This blog is kind of motivation for me to stay healthy. And of course I get a weird pleasure out of photographing my food that could only be satisfied, v anonymously on tumblr...

April photo challenge day 16 - morning

It was suuchhh a nice day today!! Fingers crossed it lasts all weekend..!!

April photo challenge - happiness

Spending time with my family. (They’re on the right!) Now we’re all growing up I am getting more and more happiness from these kinds of situations. I treasure the time we have together, rather than resent it as I probably would have done in the past…

April photo challenge days 13 and 14

I had a really terrible day yesterday so didn’t manage to post this. ‘In your bag’ pretty normal stuff I think!!

And something I’m reading- All The Pretty Horses. I’ve just started and am struggling a bit. He’s used a pretty unusual prose style and I’m finding it hard to ease myself into. I will persevere though!

To those that don’t mind the Merlin photos


He does actually have his own Instagram where I post a lot lot lot more than I do here (got to keep those anons happy amirite?) and he already has more followers than I do haha it’s merlinthelabradoodle 😊👍

Don’t stop posting pics of your labradoodle!!  Here’s mine.  My brother sent me this earlier today…. He’s such a love!!!


I could literally go on for ever posting photos of him but I’ll just do one more…   ahhhhhhh


Just roasted some fresh vegetables for my tea and lunches for the week! I had to have a shop bought sandwich today for lunch, which didn’t make me happy…

Anyway- dinner. Smoked mackerel, quinoa, goats cheese, steamed Cavolo Nero and roasted aubergine, red onion, red and orange peppers, butternut squash and cherry tomatoes.

Sunday morning 6am pre work porridge zzzzz

Day 12 of April photo challenge: close up.

Wah wahh sat watching how I met your mother on a Saturday night drinking a beer ALONE. My life is rubbish 😪

'Where you sleep' April photo challenge.

This is the 2nd take. My boyfriend was so disappointed with the 1st he made me make the bed and take it again.. All while hiding under the covers

Had quite a nice salad for lunch today! Roasted vegetables with chickpeas, 2 eggs and spinach. Going off to dinner tonight with my boyfriend to a mystery pub. Fingers crossed he’s booked somewhere nice and it’s not just a burgers and fish & chips kind of place… Hope everyone has a fun Friday night!

Porridge with chia, milled flaxseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with almond milk, almond butter, frozen blueberries and mango

April photo challenge -  Childhood

I don’t have any photos from my childhood with me!  Nor any things from when I was a kid, which is kind of sad. Everything is at my parent’s house.  So here’s a photo I took maybe 4 years ago of my old dog Timmy.  We got him when i was about 9 and I loved that dog so much. 

Recycling leftovers tonight! Chilli con carne with extra chickpeas, quinoa and a big dollop of Greek yogurt


This literally brought me to tears. The joy and happiness of these two ladies is amazing. Watch if you had a good day, watch if you had a sad day. Be amazed and finish with a smile :)

Awwww this actually made me cry!

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